and the licensing process

We expect our foster parents to provide a loving, nurturing and structured home.

No… regulations do not allow individuals to foster for more than one agency at a time.

You may choose to help serve in another capacity such as volunteering with the agency or providing respite care for foster youth.

If you have had charges, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t foster. If you have pled guilty to, or have been convicted of, any crimes against children or domestic violence, Destiny Family Services will not license you. Other charges may be discussed with Destiny Family Services staff.

Each child is issued a Medical Card.

You can contact our office through the contact page and set up an orientation with a member of our staff. This orientation is to inform you about our agency and answer any other questions you may have concerning fostering or the certification process. This orientation does not obligate you to foster for our agency.

It depends on the individual circumstances. Most children have visitation with their birth families, unless their parental rights have been terminated. Visitation supports a child’s return home.

All pre-service training must be completed prior to certification. The number of hours for pre-service training varies by state. Following certification, foster parents must attend ongoing training to maintain certification. These hours also vary by state. Training schedules are flexible and Destiny Family Services is committed to working with our families to help them complete their training requirements.

Most children are older than 12 years of age. Children younger than 12 are usually in a sibling group which require placement together.

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