What We Do

Destiny Family Services recruits and trains a diverse group of quality foster homes to meet the needs of youth in out-of-home-care. Destiny works with referring agencies, the youth, the foster family and community professionals to ensure the child receives the support he or she deserves.

Destiny is building a dedicated and dynamic group of foster homes, trained, prepared and ready to receive youth on short notice.

We support our homes with on-going training, 24/7 on-call availability, financial reimbursement, and professional support staff. Our program staff manages the cases assigned to our agency by providing weekly contacts and visits to the home and youth in care. We also coordinate therapy and psychiatric services for the youth in our care.

If you’re interested in making a difference in a child’s life by providing therapeutic foster care, contact Destiny Family Services today!

What Is Therapeutic Foster Care?

Therapeutic foster homes care for youth who have been traumatized, neglected, or abused. These foster children may have a number of presenting challenges that are a direct result from their past. Children in need of therapeutic foster care often live with emotional, mental, and physical disabilities.

At Destiny Family Services, most of the youth we serve are adolescents who require more intensive support and therapeutic foster care. We believe that by placing them in the care of the right foster family, significant progress can be made as they are surrounded by love, attention, and stability.

Program Quality

Destiny holds ourselves to the highest standard of quality in our licensing processes, case management procedures, and internal operations. We use ASIware to make sure we go above and beyond state requirements. This also provides a central repository for all case management information so that we can provide consistent care and support no matter who may be on the case.

As we grow and provide services, we keep in mind the reason we are all here – to fill the desperate need of stability for troubled youth.

Fiscal Responsibility

Destiny Family Services contracts with Admin Solutions, Inc. to provide financial management and oversight services. We remain diligent in making sure the money we receive is spent in a way that supports our mission. We operate very lean, operating only off the revenue we receive from our service contracts. Each year, we are audited by a private CPA firm, and we report those findings to contracting agencies. We prepare and submit separate cost reports to the states we contract with as well.