Who We Are

Destiny Family Services is the heartsong of a team of remarkable people who have dedicated their lives to helping at-risk youth. You probably have not heard their names; they all prefer to do their good works behind the scenes. The Founders, Ralph and Lisa Williams, have served youth and families for decades through both traditional children’s services and community-based programs. The Executive Director, Crystal R. Hill, has a wealth of experience in social programs. After months of planning and collaborating, their drive to help children and families has taken shape as Destiny Family Services.

Destiny has proven to be relentless in seeking quality homes to meet the needs of youth in care. They represent the future to youth who have been removed from their families and are struggling to find acceptance, understanding and love. Each foster care statistic is a life impacted by loss; Destiny is here to help connect these lives to caring homes and families.

Recognizing that these youth need specific services and programs to meet the challenges in their lives, the team at Destiny has developed dynamic programs aimed at instilling a sense of pride, skill-building for employment and living skills to decrease the high percentage of homelessness in youth emancipated from long-term care.

Destiny has the depth of administrative support to ensure that each home and child receives the support he needs to succeed. The agency gives families and youth the tools and the face-to-face collaboration they need to weather the challenges that are sure to come. The therapeutic foster family is never alone.

Destiny is actively recruiting, screening and training future foster homes. For more information, contact the Intake Coordinator at 513-266-9602.

Destiny is ready to help you decide if this path is right for your family!